My First Time In Miami | How I Survived

skyscrapers in miami

Trip to Miami It was around the second week of July 2016 and I couldn’t remember when last I had taken a day off from work. At the time my cousin Joey was on vacation in Disney Orlando, Florida with his family. I longed for a break from work and since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time we decided to meet up in Miami on his return…


Best Weekend In A Long Time | Roundup

my weekend roundup

  Weekend Roundup I have had such an amazing weekend it was only fair that I shared that with you guys. But before I get to that, this week has been a really tough and stressful time for me. Both professionally and personally. Blogging had taken a toll on me. I have suddenly hit an all time lower traffic than usual and that led me to feeling a bit depressed…


Happy Valentine’s Day | How To Spend Your Day

valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day I would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy Valentine’s. May your day be as beautiful as you would like it to be. Growing up I have always had boys give me chocolates, tea cups or teddy bears in school for Valentine’s. Of course I had to hide it from my parents for as long as I could because what did we know about…


Top 8 Tips for Managing A Blog While Working Full-Time

Blog Management Tips Part-time blogger? Yeah sure! But I didn’t expect it to feel like a part-time job! When I first started blogging in the latter part of 2016, I told myself I would stick to maybe 2-3 new posts per week. After all, being employed full-time meant that unless I quit my job this is something I will have to do as hobby. “It can’t be that hard”…I told…