5 Chic Bags I Am Absolutely Loving Right Now

5 Chic Bags I Am Absolutely Loving Right Now | Chic Bags | Bucket Bags | Box Bags | Circle Bags | Belt Bags | Fanny Packs | Travel Beauty Blog

After the recently concluded New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, my obsession with handbags grew. I have seen countless chic bags from both recognised and new brands that would be more than just a fad. …

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Here Is Why You Need To Visit The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal | Panama Canal | Things to do in Panama | Fun Day At The Miraflores Locks And Panama Canal | Travel Beauty Blog | Miraflores Locks

Miraflores Locks And The Panama Canal You might have heard about The Miraflores Locks and the Panama Canal before. If not, it is one of the things you must do if ever you are in Panama. The Panama Canal is a water bridge that joins both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Ships and boats transit through the Panama Canal for transporting cargo to other parts of the world. It saves…

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