A Day In The Life Of Me Without Internet

    A Day In The Life of Me Without Internet - Travel Beauty Blog

     A Day In The Life of Me Without Internet

    What’s life like without internet? Keeping reading to find out.

    Friday Night

    Friday after work I headed to the Mall to do a little retail therapy. Before leaving I made a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up some items. I arrived at home ten minutes later, put some clothes into the washer, packed the grocery items neatly into the cupboard, took a shower and made a quick dinner.

    Usually I look at a movie or series on Netflix to set the mood for the weekend while enjoying bag of popcorn, my favourite snack.

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    Happy International Women’s Day: Be Bold For Change

    Happy International Women's Day Be Bold For Change

    Happy International Women’s Day

    So today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Recognized on March 8th of every year around the world in honour of women. This year’s theme happens to be #BeBoldForChange.

    For those of you who are not sure why we mark this day I hope this post brings some clarity. As for the men who don’t think it is important, continue reading and maybe it will change your perspective.

    Simply put, International Women’s Day celebrates the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women. The day is marked around the world in the form of arts performances, talks, rallies, networking events, conferences and marches. In some countries it is officially a holiday while others treat the women as they would on Mother’s Day.

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    YSL Beauty Products Review: Foundation | Mascara | Perfume | Lipstick

    YSL Beauty Products Review: Foundation, Shocking Mascara, Opium Perfume and Lipstick

    This post contains affiliate links.

    YSL Beauty Products Review

    Before I begin the YSL Beauty Products Review, my go-to makeup Brands are MAC and Maybelline. The majority of my beauty products are from these 2 brands. Not that I have anything against other popular Brands. But this is mainly so because I am not one to experiment a lot. Also I can almost find anything to match my skin tone from these two.


    When it comes to trying new foundations and powders I like to stick with what works for me unless its a word-of-mouth recommendation. Unlike foundations and powders, eye-shadows and lipsticks are much easier to manipulate if I buy them and don’t like them. Bottom line is makeup to too expensive just to try.

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    Banana Raspberry Smoothie Recipe | How I Start My Day

    Banana Raspberry Smoothie

    How I Start My Day

    My alarm goes off between 5.45 and 6:00 a.m. and sometimes I have this really bad habit of checking notifications on my phone first thing as I open my eyes.  After doing so I would say my prayer and spend some time in meditation, make my bed and brush my teeth. Then I would take a shower, comb my hair, put on makeup and dress for work.

    Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, before leaving the house for work, I enjoy a glass of my favourite banana raspberry smoothie. Although not practical every day, I try my best.

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    My First Time In Miami | How I Survived

    skyscrapers in miami

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Trip to Miami

    It was around the second week of July 2016 and I couldn’t remember when last I had taken a day off from work. At the time my cousin Joey was on vacation in Disney Orlando, Florida with his family. I longed for a break from work and since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time we decided to meet up in Miami on his return from Orlando.

    As I began searching for flights luck was on my side! Flights were available from as low as $250 from Panama City. Some holidays were coming up towards the end of August so I thought what a perfect time! So I took a chance and bought the ticket even before getting my leave approved. Life is about taking chances and I think some of the best moments happen spontaneously.

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    Best Weekend In A Long Time | Roundup

    my weekend roundup


    Weekend Roundup

    I have had such an amazing weekend it was only fair that I shared that with you guys.

    But before I get to that, this week has been a really tough and stressful time for me. Both professionally and personally.

    Blogging had taken a toll on me. I have suddenly hit an all time lower traffic than usual and that led me to feeling a bit depressed and frustrated.

    Despite efforts to remedy the situation, it still didn’t improve. So I asked some other Bloggers for advice on how they cope during down time. The best response I got was to take a break and that is exactly what I did.

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