Monday Blues and how to cope with it

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So it is the height of your weekend and you are having a great time. You felt as though you had just left the office and work is the furthest thing from your mind. Your main focus now is getting everything checked off your to-do list.

Sunday has arrived and you’ve concluded that your weekend had been wonderful and went just as planned. Cognitive of the fact that you have work on the following day and soon you would have to wind down and prepare mentally and physically. Yet, you elude that thought.

Finally its the start of a brand new week once again. You are back at the office reminiscing about the weekend and wishing it still was. Before you know it, the Monday blues kicks in. The more you think about it, the longer the day seems to drag.

These are some strategies for overcoming Monday blues and kicking Monday’s ass! LOL

  1. Get a proper rest on Sunday night – at least 8 hours (if possible)
  2. Be grateful you lived to see another day.
  3. Pray. Start the day off on a positive note.
  4. Eat a well-balanced breakfast – include some fruits or a smoothie.
  5. Have coffee to start off the morning.
  6. Make a “to-do” list of all the tasks to be completed for the day. Avoid a backlog by completing on time.
  7. Listen to some worship music, an inspirational podcast or a playlist of your favourite songs (this will help take your mind off the tasks at hand).
  8. Deal with the day as it comes – don’t think about all the bad things that can happen.
  9. Be pleasant with your work colleagues and visitors to your office, even if you don’t feel like being there – truth is they probably all share the exact sentiments.
  10. Get over it! The day is already here and ain’t nothing anyone of us can do about it. Before you know it, the work day will end and soon the count down for the weekend begins.

These are the things that help make my Mondays less stressful.

I would love to know how you cope with Monday blues. Let me know in the comments section.



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  • Humbird Media

    So simple but soooo useful! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the reminder! I think this could me on Friday at work lol!

    • Shevy

      Hello Ashley. You are right! That is exactly what I wanted to achieve in this post. The whole idea of it is getting in a Friday frame of mind. lol

  • Thats all true!

  • I so much love this post.Mondays are really days a lot of people don’t like but i trust that when one practise the suggestions you have given,Mondays will be so lovely.
    I wrote a post on it some time last year.pls feel free to read and comment

  • What a great routine not only for Mondays, but every single day!

    • Shevy

      That’s true Wendie! Thank you!

  • You’re blog is amazing. I love it.

    • Shevy

      Thank you!

  • I honestly had the worst Monday blues yesterday.. It was the worst! I’m definitely going to take these tips and apply them for the next Monday to come! xo

    McKenzie |

    • Shevy

      So sorry to hear about that McKenzie. Do tell me about next Monday xo

  • Monday Blues ! If I do not get enough rest and relaxation, I find hard to start Monday with enrgy. Good tips!


    • Shevy

      That’s true Nisha. Its hard to focus with lack of sleep. Thank you!

  • Monday Blues make me cranky often in the morning! But most of the time, I’m so much occupied in the work that I totally forgets about it!

    • Shevy

      It also makes me cranky on mornings but that’s the good part – when you’re preoccupied the time passes quickly.

  • I use Sunday to prepare for the week. This helps me to be less stressed and makes a huge difference. I worry less when I know what to expect. To do lists help a lot too!

    • Shevy

      That’s good. I like that idea!

  • Jen

    I love this blog, because it’s real. It’s not hard to do the things on this list in the morning to have a successful day! Awesome

    • Shevy

      Thank you Jen!

  • Great reminders here. I am so not a Monday girl. They drive me nuts.

    • Shevy

      Thanks. Mondays are not my favourite either.

  • Love the post. I love Mondays (because I prepare for them every Sunday. Face mask, planning, etc.)
    Thanks for sharing, hope you had a great Monday. Much love, Ilka x

    • Shevy

      Thank you Ilka! Pampering is also a great idea! My Monday was smooth hope you had a good one too.

  • Yep, getc over it because it’s here regardless! I like the start the day with worship music. That would def put more pep in my step! Pleasant communication between coworkers is huge too, you have to spend the day toget her might as well make it comfortable not hostile.

    • Shevy

      Good to hear that Rose. And of course it is important to send out positive energy so it can be returned to us.

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