Makeup Storage: Best Ways To Store Your Makeup

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Makeup Storage Methods


Vanity cupboards are great for storing makeup. They are very expensive but definitely worth the investment. Makeup can be separated into compartments then placed into the divider boxes inside the drawers.
Everyday makeup can be stored in the drawers that are easily accessible.
Any extras may be stored in the bottom drawers.
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Shelves are a simple yet effective way to store makeup. Very cost effective option and your makeup is visible from a distance. Having shelves eases the burden of searching through multiple compartments.
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B U D G E T   F R I E N D L Y   C O N T A I N E R S

Budget friendly containers are perfect for the minimalist. Maybe you don’t want to invest a lot of money into storage then this method is ideal for you. Containers are clear therefore you can tell what their contents.

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D O O R   H A N G E R S

Door hangers save a lot of space but a major disadvantage is that not many stuff may be able to fit on them. More suitable for smaller and lighter items such as powders, eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes. Additional storage would be required for storing heavier items like your foundations.


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M I R R O R   B O X E S

Mirror Boxes can be easily placed on top of a Vanity or flat surface or on top of bedroom furniture.

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W O O D E N   B O X   O R G A N I Z E R S

Similar to the Mirror Boxes, Wooden Boxes can be placed on top of flat surfaces. Great for storing larger items and are easy to move around.

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A C R Y L I C   B O X E S

Acrylic Boxes are light weight and comes in different shapes and sizes. Usually they are packed with a lot of compartments and dividers. You can use them for storing makeup, beauty products and other personal items.
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How do you store your makeup and beauty products?





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  • Ohhhh I so needed to read this today as my entire vanity is covered in cosmetics, and I have been avoiding cleaning up. Great organization ideas, getting started on them now!

    • Guess its time to get started on it Robin. 🙂

  • I really want to get a nice vanity to store all my beauty items but I don’t have enough space in my bedroom. You have some nice alternatives here! Thank you!

    Ioanna |

    • I don’t have too much space either but something will work out eventually You’re welcome!

  • Gregory Gerald Pozo Batista

    Will share with my girlfriend. This is really nice!

    • Great to know that Gregory. I think she would enjoy it!

  • Brittany Dyer

    These are so cute! I need to figure out which one would work best for me! My makeup is never easy to find. Thanks for sharing!

  • Taylor Mead

    Wow, these are such beautiful ways to display and organize makeup. I HAVE to try one of them, because my makeup is always all over the place on my vanity. Can’t seem to keep it all need and organized no matter how hard I try. Thanks for the great post!

    xo, Taylor (

    • Thanks Taylor. I need a vanity asap!

  • I love makeup! Makeup is life! I love viewing these vanities and organizations. I wish I had a much bigger space to get some shelves next to my vanity. All of these organizations are inspiration to makeup junkies.

    • Shevy

      I need to get a vanity for all my makeup but they are so expensive…might have to settle for shelves for now lol

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