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Luxury Things I’ll Get If I Have The Money

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Sometimes I wish to have some more luxury things in my life if only I could afford it. I’m not ashamed to say that I admire the other bloggers who seem to be living “the life” and wonder what’s life like for them. Not that I want to be like them but I can’t help but ask myself “do they have savings?”.

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Or maybe its because I didn’t come from a country where you live on credit nor do we use the US currency as the main dollar. So many thoughts come to my head at times: perhaps these people are filthy rich, have rich boyfriends or I have chosen the wrong career path. Granted, I know that some of those things are gifted to them or from working with different brands. But even so, I have this false perception about if they can afford it, then so can I.

My Reality

Shopping is like a drug but spending US$3000 on a designer bag for instance, seems awfully insane to me. When I think about the currency exchange; the useful ways I could put that money to use; or about the more valuable things I could get with it, I instantly snap back to reality. It might be safe to say that the richer you are, three thousand US dollars becomes like pocket change.

The Dream World

Even with all those factors mentioned above, I still can’t help but have a picture in mind about what living a dream life is like. You know like the ones you had in mind as a little girl growing up? Well somewhere inside of me, I think that little girl still exists. Imaginations about how I want my life to be in the future, goals I would like to achieve and of course, things I would like to own by a certain age. All these dreams still lives on the inside and things may not have turned out exactly how I hoped but I am happy to say that I have achieved a lot of those things.

Luxury Things I Wish For

Let’s just say I get to be rich for one day or in the future, these are some of the things I’ll buy:

Designer bags, shoes and clothes

This one is at the top of my list for obvious reasons; I love nice things especially bags, clothing and shoes.

A mansion

In reality, a big enough house is good enough but as I said once I could afford it then I don’t mind having it.

My own beach or vacation house

There must be that one place that I can runaway to for a private or family vacation. Preferably a house by the beach on an island.

Private Jet

If it costs less to have a private jet as opposed to using Airlines then I don’t mid owning one either. Travelling around the world is something I always dreamt of doing and that is one of the first things I would do if I had the money.

Luxury vehicles

Not a must have but having a few luxury vehicles is an idea I can get used to.

High-end beauty products

An endless collection of makeup, perfumes and skin care products. Most likely I’ll have more than I can use

Private Boat

A private boat definitely because I can imagine myself sailing on the ocean enjoying the sunset views.


Every other woman dreams of living a luxurious lifestyle. Have you ever wished for things you can’t afford right now? Share them with me below 🙂


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