FURLA Designer Bag Unveiling | Christmas Present

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Furla Bag & Wallet – Christmas Present

On return from my Christmas vacation this is what greeted me in my apartment! I was surprised and happy at the same time. It really cheered me up because it was late, I was tired after a 3 hour long flight and was a bit leaving my family and friends back home for another (not sure how many) months before seeing them again. I also had to prepare for work next day, mentally and physically.
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furla bag
Who doesn’t love presents? I love anything fashion related so I could not have been happier.
furla bag

All items were from FURLA:

Bucket Bag (red)
Bi-Fold Wallet (red) and
Pen Case (navy)





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  • ilijacfashion

    Fantastic post, I like this bag 🙂

    new post

  • I think Furla is underappreciated. We had one here in St. Louis for a while and whenever I went in it was ALWAYS empty. They ultimately ended up closing the store. I feel like (at least in St. Louis) it is not as well known as MK, Kate Spade, etc which made it hard to gain popularity.

    • Shevy

      Hi Roxy. Even here in Panama it is not as popular as the others. If I had not gotten these as gifts I don’t think I would have bought them myself. This Brand seems to be struggling.

  • Love that bag!! I don’t usually go for bright colors, but red is decidedly exceptional for me.


  • Sweet!! I love surprises like that! It really can make your day! Thanks for sharing

  • Those are some lovely items. That purse is beautiful with matching wallet.

  • Dorothy

    I love presents too! Love the cute red bag

  • OMG, I love every piece!! Such a lucky girl!! I would love to come home to that! LOL

  • Chanelle

    Ugh, so jelly girl! I love that red bag. I think every woman should have a variety of purses to choose from

  • blair villanueva

    Oh dear, those are definitely gorgeous! Red suits you

  • I like all there items. It would be nice to play with the different colors. I like the red purse the most.

  • I love getting presents. This one looks cute. I would say you lucked out. Very classy.

  • It’s always nice coming home to goodies, especially after a long or exhausting day! I love the bucket bag!

    Lennae xxx

  • What a great gift! I really like the color of the purse.

    I’m always happy when I get a present! I tell my husband I love books and chocolate.

  • Oh that bag is gorgeous! And who doesn’t love getting presents?

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