Disappointed That I Wasted Money On This Product

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Disappointed That I Wasted Money On This Product

As I sit here typing up this blog post I feel so disappointed. When I first received this product in the mail I contemplated whether or not I should do a review. A few days went by and eventually I posted on a picture of it on my Instagram where I received a lot of questions about it. People asked me if it was worth it and if they should buy it but honestly it was too soon to say. The only thing I could have said at the time was that it is a great product. Well at least until Thursday morning of the following week while putting on my makeup for work when it ran out…

Disappointed That I Wasted Money On This Product | Morphe Micro Brow Pencil | Travel Beauty Blog

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Morphe Micro Brow Pencil In The Colour Chocolate Mousse

Firstly let me start off by saying I usually do not give in the makeup hype that occurs almost every other day unless it is a product that I really want. When it comes to makeup I find having 2 or 3 palettes with all the essential colours is sufficient. Whenever a product from a particular Brand works for me I stick to that and usually give great reviews but when it doesn’t hold up to the standard I expect, I also think it is fair that people be aware. My intention is never to put any Brand or Company on blast for something I probably should have researched a little more before buying but this is just my honest review after 2 weeks of using the product.

Disappointed That I Wasted Money On This Product | Morphe Micro Brow Pencil | Travel Beauty Blog

Things To Note About Morphe Brow Pencil

Costs $5. But because I had to purchase mine online I had to pay shipping and custom duties which adds up to a little more than if I was to get it directly from a store. Which I didn’t mind so much obviously because I can’t get them anywhere else but I am just laying it all out for you.

It is retractable.

Pointed tip but very sturdy, which gives a lot of control when shaping your brows so the strokes are similar to that of a hairline.

There is the brow pencil on one side and a spoolie brush on the other end.

Lasts about 2 weeks maximum if you use it everyday.


Final Thought

Morphe Micro Brow Pencil is a great product and I loved every moment of using it. It did make my brows look extra cute but I hoped for more usage out of it and that’s the main reason why I felt so disappointed. But my personal experience is that perhaps I should have just stuck to my regular brow pencils as opposed to a retractable one because they last for a way longer period of time or I should have bought a mixture of both types but lesson learnt. Probably my expectations were too high for a $5 two in one product, but I hope you understand my frustration because it didn’t even last a month. Some of you might say well I should have bought more than one, which is true but I hardly ever buy 2 of the same item on first trial.


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  • It’s a shame that it didn’t last as long as you expected! I’m with you, if I’m trying something I’m not going to buy more of it, I’ll buy one and test it out and only get more if I like it. So even though you weren’t impressed with this at least you didn’t buy more and spend more money 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Yes Mica that’s right!! What they needed to do was make it an entire retractable brow pencil without the spoolie at the end. So that way we get more product. As long as it stays like this I am not repurchasing lol. My week is going good thank you and have a great weekend! 🙂

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