Birthday Wishlist 2017

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I wanted to take a trip to New York for my birthday weekend but since I am unable to, I have decided to put off all travels for later in the year. My birthday is literally less than a month away and I have a list of things that I would like to get myself. At least if I don’t get it all for my birthday I have the next 11 months to do so.


 1. A new Camera. Guess who wants to cop their first DSLR Camera? You guessed right! Me! It is time to move away from the basic point and shoot and as a new blogger and photo enthusiast, it is important to have a camera that the quality of my work reflect in my photos as well.

birthday wishlist
I have eyes set on the Canon Brand but if you have any suggestions about some beginner DSLR Cameras and where I can purchase them. it would be appreciated if you could leave them in the comments section down below.
2. Juicy Couture Perfume! I am not ashamed to admit that this perfume has been on my wishlist for a few years now. I have had other perfumes I wanted to try that I ended up getting instead. But I need to see what all the buzz is about on this Juicy. The majority of reviewers had good stuff to say about it and it seems to be a favourite. I can’t wait to try it!

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3. Kate Spade 17-month 2017 Agenda. Ideal for planning and keeping track of my blog posts and jotting down new ideas. I hope to get it sooner than later! I really need to get a planner so that I can be more organized when it comes to my blog. However I am still in search of something cute but if I don’t see find any that tickles my fancy, I may just go with one of Kate Spade’s. I think all bloggers are obsessed with stationery! The gold colour gives it an executive but girly touch and I am obsessed with polka dots.

4. Coffee Table Books 

There aren’t that many book stores in Panama City and the ones that exist do not have a wide range of English books. I haven’t decided on exactly which ones I would get but I need to start building a collection of fashion, beauty, design and travel books for my coffee table. Reading more books is one of my goals / “resolutions” for 2017. Not only it is a great source of inspiration  for my blog but also in my personal life.

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5. Morphe Dreams Brush Set
These brushes from Morphe are budget friendly and I love the gold/rose gold finish. It makes them look edgy, stylish and expensive. I have not used any of their products before but this seems to be the new buzz in the makeup brushes world lately. It won’t hurt to try. After all I am in dire need of some new brushes.

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6. Beats Solo 3 Headset 
I am torn between getting a Beats Pill or Solo Headset. I already have a portable Bluetooth speaker (not from Apple) that mainly use around the house. But I desire something with sound proof and mobility for when I am working out at the gym. This is not a must have but would come in so handy!
These are just some of the things I would like to get this year. I can’t think about anything else that I may want at this point in time. This list is to remind me that in order to obtain the things I need and want, I have to work hard towards achieving it.



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