The Most Annoying Things About Blogging

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When I started blogging in early November of 2016, the main reason was to fill the void of living alone. Sometimes I felt lonely, depressed, bored and a lot of other mixed emotions. In order to curb the situation I decided to adopt a new hobby that turned out to be blogging.

At first I was skeptical about putting myself out there in front of a bunch of people that I did not know. But as time went by I realized there were far more people in the world who Blog as a career. Realising that I wasn’t going to be alone on this new journey, it gave me a sense of hope.

Four months later, I began feeling overwhelmed about a lot of things, for instance:

  1. having my blog look a particular way
  2. selecting a niche
  3. coming up with relevant topics that would interest readers and
  4. finding ways of monetising my blog etc

There came a time when I had hit an all time low and took a break from it all. Re-prioritized my life and came up with the best tips for managing a blog part time. Every now and again I have to revisit this list to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place.


Here are some of the challenges I have faced over the past four months as a Blogger:

The Most Annoying Things About Blogging

Β Blogging - The Most Annoying Things About Blogging | Travel Beauty Blog


Coming up with and choosing a topic

After deciding on a topic the next step is having to come up with a catchy heading. Knowing fully well that regardless of the topic I chose, there are millions of people who have already written about it. Figuring out other ways of imparting the same information that is already on the internet is a tough job.

This forced me to be creative and think outside the box. Sharing a personal experience can help someone to relate or learn from my mistakes and I believe this personal touch is what helps me stand out from the crowd.

Writing a bomb-ass post and having no one to read or comment

It is pointless spending time putting out the best content on your blog then no one reads it. Some people don’t even know that I exist in this little space on the internet. Despite of how great I think my posts were, it was almost completely a waste of time hoping someone would stumble across my page.

More time was definitely needed to be spent on promoting than writing. This also included creating accounts on almost every possible social media platform that exist, whether I liked it or not.

Being asked by Brands to do sponsored work in exchange for free or discounted products

Some Brands approach you to work for them with the expectation that you work for free. Although it is nice to receive free or discounted products, it would be much more appreciated to be paid on par with the quality of work produced.

Maybe they underestimate how much work goes into blogging.

So as much as I am new to blogging and would love to add to my portfolio, I know my worth.


Branding my content and blog

This is an area in which I am struggling as I still do not have it settled in my mind how I want my blog to look. However, I really enjoy reading other Blogs and admiring how well put-together and colour-themed everything is. As I said earlier in this post, I didn’t take blogging too seriously until now finding out how important all of these stuff were.

For now, I am going to stick to a simple theme with menus so that my readers can easily navigate. The importance of having a theme across my blog and social media accounts is important but it adds to my annoyance. Especially trying to make all my Instagram pictures look uniformed.

Having to take professional photographs

As much as I enjoy taking photographs, ensuring that they are of a certain standard for my blog can be tiresome at times. Especially when it comes to editing them I usually have to set aside an entire day to do so. My iphone 6s camera takes great photos but it was still not where I wanted them to be.

Therefore I had to invest in a DSLR camera.



Scheduling posts to my social media accounts seems like the hardest thing to do. Although it is recommend to post often to different platforms, I have not been able to keep up with this.


Reviewing Google Analytics

For the life of me I just do not get analytics other than the basics such as number of users visited, sessions, bounce rate, demographics and gender. A lot of people say in order to improve your blog time should be spent reading, understanding and making adjustments according to the results.



Sometime in the near future I do hope to overcome most of these challenges if not all, and have everything figured out where my blog is concerned. But for now I just wanted to air some of my pet peeves when it comes to blogging.


Hope you enjoyed this post. As a gift to you I am giving away free printables.


Are you a Blogger? What are some challenges you encounter?






















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  • Pau K.

    From a comment on my new year’s resolution post I decided to visit your website to see if you managed to get somewhere with your goals for blogging and came across this post. I totally relate on the struggle of managing your social media platforms ESPECIALLY being consistent in all, its quite easy to forget what you have posted or forget you haven’t posted this or that on it, even having the motivation to keep up with all of them. I still don’t understand google analytics, successfully monetizing my posts, that whole keyword stuff… I pretty much just write and post and hope it gets somewhere… Maybe I’ll be able to find some time to actually try and learn that stuff.

    I find that the camera quality might be a standard of the western community or even just an unnecessary bar we set to try and hop early on. Yes quality might matter, but sometimes if you take a photo from a phone camera and upload it if you are blogging about an personal event (like a date or an off-day), the non-dslr-professional-quality photo may give off a sense of a more personal, genuine effect.

    Did you ever manage to overcome any of these challenges since you have posted this article?

    • Hello thanks for your feedback. I have definitely learnt a lot since this post and was able to overcome some of the challenges mentioned here. But you know the saying, every new level comes a new devil. Well that’s how it feel+s at time. New challenges and learning experiences.

  • It’s great to know we all struggle with similar challenges. I can relate to many of your points: the Google Analytics – me too, can’t go over the basic understanding; having to spend so much time on all social media platforms to promote your content, when the #1 traffic booster is still SEO is another dilemma. As to sponsored posts – I still struggle with that. From one hand it is clear blogging is no longer just a hobby and should be treated as a business; from the other hand, how do you keep your authenticity and create trusted relationships with your audience if your being paid?
    Anyway, your blog looks great, keep it up!

  • I can relate 100! I had to take a huge step back from the rabbit hole of learning what my blog “should” be and remember to enjoy the process. Things come a lot easier when you remember your why! πŸ™‚

    • Yes things do become easier when we reflect. Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

  • Lacee

    This is such a true and great post!

  • Great insight! I’m guilty of receiving free products in exchange of a post when I was just starting. That’s my way of collecting testimonials from brands, then I grew from there. I can totally relate with everything here.

    • That is not a bad idea at all for starters but I still don’t like it too much. Brands should at least respect the work you put in and pay you. And as a bonus they can give free products

  • I totally agree with you. The struggle is real. Can be so frustrating at times (number 2!!!) but you also meet beautiful people and make real friends.

    • That is so true. I hope to meet some nice people along the journey

  • I can definitely relate, especially to the scheduling aspect.


    • Having to figure out what I want to post and say for an entire week is pure work! I rather just post based on how I feel at the time πŸ™‚

  • Haha can definitely relate to so many of these! Thanks for doing this post, its nice to know we all agree on these and feel each others pain!
    Emily x |

    • You’re welcome Emily and thank you!

  • Bahaha, Shevy girl you got this one right. As I miserably schedule my social media posts for the next few weeks. Ps. I will be sharing this.

    There are a lot of great things about blogging and as you mentioned it’s a great cure for loneliness. I’ve found that bloggers are such nice and lovely people. I LOVE that part of this.

    You should so do a follow up, the best things about blogging.

    Thanks for feeling my pain and my bliss,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
    NEW POST: 12 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

    • Haha Happy that you can relate to my sentiments Nadalie. Many thanks for the comment and shares. πŸ˜€

  • Belema Ronabere

    I hear you on EVERYTHING here. I thought it was just writing and there’s so much more. I still love it though. I’ll struggled with niches and ended up in three. Lol I guess I tried.

    • lol. Yup there’s so much more to blogging than just writing. I still love it as well. I just want to be a Blogger. Not necessarily marked by any of the niche labels lol

  • Thivy Michelle

    Agreed that it can be aggravating getting offered discounted products for content. I don’t see the point of spending money on a post then having to do work to benefit someone else especially when a brand is reaching out to you.

    Thivy Michelle

    • I am in total agreement Michelle. Especially when you have worked up your way to establish your blog.

  • Ariel Hester

    So true! Just reading the list made me tired thinking of all the work that really goes into blogging. It’s true that most people don’t really understand or realize that.

  • Erica Gilliam

    I love this post!! I totally feel almost all of these. I have been struggling lately with intentionally not having a “niche” in the traditional sense, but still having focus on my blog. It can be such a challenge constantly feeling like we aren’t doing “enough”!

    • Thanks Erica. That is so true. I still haven’t settled on my niche. Good to know I am not the only one struggling in this area.

  • Chelf Chelfdom

    I can relate with all of the above. For me the main struggle is to avoid labels. Yes I like Chanel and Heavy Metal thank you very much I can have both no need to label me as a fashion blogger or a metalhead LOL

    • I like that perspective Chelf. I just want to be a Blogger! Blog about all the things I like and make me happy. Thanks for sharing that thought. I appreciate it

  • So Cleva

    We all struggle with almost the same issues which you mentioned in the blog. Especially the one about created a content which no one reads. This is the annoying part. But then its also what makes blogging an interesting exploration. You just can’t tell the mind of your readers and how it can shift everyday. Nice post!

    • Thank you! Its hard but fun at the same time πŸ™‚

  • I love this post so much!
    It’s nice to know these things don’t just annoy me.
    And everything takes me so long because you have to do all these things and you lose motivation!
    Good luck working it all out, just know I’m in the same boat chugging along in the bloggy waters hehe!

    Xx Angela

    • Thank you so much Angela. Always good to realize that we are not alone in this. Good luck on your blogging journey as well

  • Paula Wesson

    So true. I appreciate how down-to-Earth and honest you are about the struggles of blogging.

    • Thank you Paula. I keep it real πŸ™‚

  • Danielle

    I can definitely relate. You’re off to a great start though. Better than I was. A lot of the information you have was not out there when I first started with two different blogs. I take breaks sometimes too so I don’t get burnt out.

    • Thank you Danielle! I can only imagine how difficult it was back then for you. Thank God for all the information out there now. And breaks are surely good πŸ™‚

  • JustMadeTheCut

    I am surprised you started in November. You’re doing well! I completely understand with the feeling that no one is reading or commenting. Im definitely working on promoting this year!

    • Thank you Arnelle. Good luck with promoting as well πŸ™‚

  • Kate Campion

    I only started in September and it took until Dec to get any page views as I knew nothing about promotion. I now spend more time promoting than anything else. Keep going- people are reading!

    • Thank you Kate! I will keep at it πŸ™‚

    • I am spending a lot more time promoting as well. Thank you so much Kate πŸ™‚

  • TeawithTerilyn

    Well, I think you have done an amazing job for starting in November 2016! Some Bloggers take well over 2 years to master their craft!

    • Thank you so much! Encouragement like this is what keeps me going πŸ˜€

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