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6 Reasons Why Not To Be A Blogger

Dreaming About Becoming A Blogger?

There are more than 6 reasons why you should not become a Blogger but I will only cover that much. Blogging is and can become a hobby for a lot of people but there are also misconceptions about what a Blogger is and some people get into it for the wrong reasons. I am not discouraging anyone from pursuing their dreams of becoming a Blogger but you should also know some truths about it. In reality no one has a perfect life so regardless of what you see on social media do not fall for it. Yes there are a lot of people living wonderful lives but the not-so-good times are never really seen. So if you must aspire to be like someone else, get a behind the scenes look of what their real lives are like first.

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6 Reasons Why Not To Be A Blogger

Very saturated

A number of persons are already blogging about the same or similar topics. In order to make any lasting impressions find a niche and stick to it. For example a good idea may be to blog about shoes as opposed to fashion on the whole. Being niche specific also helps people to remember who you are. Additionally, if you are the only individual blogging about a topic then chances of showing up on Google are higher.

Requires a lot of time, will-power, patience and determination

Managing your blog and meeting deadlines require dedication, and in order to combat this you must have a plan. It also takes up a lot of your time. Time for writing posts, photography sessions, editing, social media scheduling etc. Without a real focus on what your blog is centered around, you are going to end up frustrated, lacking motivation or putting out sub par work. Blogging entails research in addition to sharing personal experiences, unless you are an expert. After doing all of that work, the results are still not evident right away.

Money to invest and promote

Writing blog posts and leaving it there is not going to get any traffic to your site. You must have money to invest in your blog to promote it. No one knows that you exist in that tiny space on the internet if you don’t advertise. Sharing to social media platforms is a great way to start free promotion since some of your friends and family members are already following you there. However, not everyone is going to take an interest in sharing your posts to other people. Apart from promotion, if you really want to stand out or look professional, you will need to pay for a website and hosting, as opposed to using a free site.

Spending money you don’t have

Having a blog can encourage you to spend unnecessary money. Constantly looking at what other Bloggers are doing and posting can lead to this. If you always feel like you have to keep up with another Blogger then forget about it because you will end up spending money on things you do not need or use. Instead, blog about things you already own and use. But if I am being brutally honest here I might as well add that this is easier said than done. Some things you will end up buying just for the sake of blogging. So be sure that you are financially prepared should this happen.

Gifted items are not free

I know you are probably saying well that does not make any sense but often times when Bloggers are gifted a product they have to do something in return for that company. When you see a post about receiving an item free, don’t let that be the reason for wanting to become a Blogger. Technically it is a form of non-monetary payment in exchange for work done. Part of that work sometimes involves a video review, an Instagram or blog post; or all of the above.

All Bloggers are not equal

Never assume that Bloggers are rich or have perfect lives. The images you see on their pretty feeds most times hardly ever reflect their reality. People are good at painting pictures and creating a fake reality. Do not aspire to become a Blogger by looking at what other people post on social media. Let your passion be your guide and it will take you somewhere promising in the future.

These are my 6 reasons why you should not be a Blogger. Always think carefully about why you want something before venturing into it. By all means do it if you are passionate about it but these 6 reasons are only for you to gain an appreciation of what blogging entails.


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