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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Bloggers

 Tradition of Valentine’s Day

Valentine is a time to exchange cards or small gifts. Chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and romantic dinners are by far the most popular gifts purchased on this big day. It is celebrated on February 14 around the world every year but it is not a public holiday. It is supposed to be a time when we all show extra love to our loved ones. Whether its a spouse, significant other, fiancé, you name it.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and you are probably still out of gift ideas for that special someone. Maybe you have a few Blogger friends and you are wondering what to get them this year. Or perhaps you want to buy something for yourself. Ladies! Never feel bad about treating yourself even on Valentine’s Day. We don’t always have to depend on our significant other to buy us chocolates, roses and perfume.
You make the first move. Surprise him/her to a date night or outing. You don’t always have to give something of monetary value, it can be as simple as spending quality time together watching Netflix with some champagne and home cooked food. Sometimes the simple things in life counts most! After all, you are the person who knows your other half best.
So here is list I rounded up of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Bloggers:
  1. Chocolates
  2. Perfume / Cologne
  3. Roses
  4. Gift Cards
  5. Spa / Facial / Massage Gift Certificate
  6. Sexy Lingerie
  7. Apple iPad
  8. Designer Watch
  9. Personalised Jewellery
  10. Designer Handbag / Wallet
  11. Beats by Dre Pill
  12. DSLR Camera
  13. Coffee Table Books
  14. Beats Solo Headphone
  15. Camera Lens, Tripod & Accessories
  16. Scented Candles
  17. Makeup & other beauty products
  18. Red Wine / Champagne
  19. Collectibles
  20. Romantic Getaway
  21. Dinner / Night out

If you have more suggestions to add to this list please feel free to leave them down below.




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